Tesla Model Y owner advises against buying one now

He says Tesla has some issues that need to be resolved and suggests you wait for the Juniper refresh before buying a new Model Y.

An owner of a Tesla Model Y hands in his car. He says the Model Y is lagging behind the competition and suggests you may have to wait for Juniper’s refresh before buying a new Model Y. He also discusses some problems with Teslas.

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The Tesla Model Y is the best-selling car in the world, but is it also the best electric car?

This Tesla Model Y owner returns his car and says that Tesla has quite a few problems that he needs to solve. He also believes that the Model Y is lagging behind the competition. Maybe the Juniper refresh will take it back to the top?

The video is about Tesla’s crazy price changes, which certainly have an impact on resale value. Rapid depreciation is something Tesla buyers should keep in mind, as the automaker often lowers prices significantly over time.

Some of the other issues mentioned are that full self-driving is still something Tesla sells, but some features no longer work on newer Teslas (Summon, Smart Summon, and Autopark). Moreover, full self-driving may never reach the point that Tesla has been promising for years.

The Model Y owner also brings up the switch to NACS by other automakers. This could lead to more congested Superchargers and longer wait times. The impact of this is unclear at this time, but if you’re considering a Tesla, the exclusivity benefit of the Supercharger network no longer exists.

A few of the other issues mentioned include that Tesla Vision just isn’t as good as it was when Tesla used ultrasonic sensors. He also thinks the Model Y is becoming a bit outdated, so he suggests waiting for the updated Juniper version. However, there is no timeline yet for Juniper’s US release

In short, these are the top reasons you might not buy a Model Y right now:

  • Uncertainty about the Supercharger network after it opens to almost all other automakers
  • Tesla Full Self-Driving does not work as promised
  • Tesla Vision is not very good. The automaker needs to go back to ultrasonic sensors
  • Juniper Model Y will replace what it claims is an outdated Model Y
  • Some full self-driving features no longer work after Tesla switched from ultrasonic to Tesla Vision

As YouTuber Robert Rosenfeld (renter of the Model Y that is being returned and owner of several other Teslas for years) stated:

It’s time for me to return my Tesla Model Y and reflect a bit on the ownership experience as there have been some issues. Tesla has some major problems in 2024 with their features, vehicle quality, pricing, supercharging and more.

Let’s discuss some of Tesla’s biggest problems in 2024, why the Model Y is falling behind as we wait for Project Juniper, and what you need to know before buying a Tesla. Maybe you should WAIT!

Let us know in the comments if you agree or disagree with the statement that now is probably not the best time to buy a new Tesla Model Y.

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