Porsche confirms ultra-sporty hybrid 911 for early summer launch

The inevitable is about to happen: the 911 will go (partially) electric.

Porsche 911 Hybrid front view spy photo Porsche 911 Hybrid front view spy photo

Porsche’s annual and sustainability report for 2023 is out, all 239 pages. By far the most important fact mentioned in the lengthy document is news about the 911 hybrid. We find out that the electrified sports car will break cover with a six-cylinder engine in early summer.

It’s being touted as an ‘ultra-sporty hybrid’ that offers the best of both worlds by making the iconic car ‘even faster and more efficient’. The partially electrified model will be a new member of a revamped 911 series, likely known internally by the codename “992.2”. Interestingly, Porsche hints that there will be more than one version with a hybrid setup, claiming the hardware will be used in “select derivatives of the 911 model line.”

Porsche does not go into details about the 911 Hybrid, although it does say that the newly developed powertrain follows the company’s racing branch. Presumably, lessons learned from the 919 and 963 programs helped the road car division engineer create an electrified 911 to meet increasingly stringent emissions regulations. About a year ago, CEO Oliver Blume said that the new car would not be a plug-in hybrid, so no charging port.

Separately, Frank Moser, vice president of the 911 and 718 model lines, said last year that the hybrid model “shouldn’t be too heavy,” which would explain the non-PHEV route. A plug-in hybrid would have required a larger battery pack, adding weight and complexity while causing packaging issues.

According to sources close to Zuffenhausen, the 911 Hybrid will reportedly have a 48V starter motor built into the dual-clutch automatic gearbox. The umpteenth variant of the 911 would have an electric motor that drives the front wheels, while the combustion engine drives the rear axle. That’s why it has AWD.

The e-motor is expected to draw its power from a small, lightweight lithium-ion battery pack developed specifically for this application and mounted behind the rear seat. The weight penalty is unlikely to be more than 100 kilograms, compared to an equivalent version that doesn’t have the extra hybrid bits.

The juiciest rumor surrounding the 911 Hybrid is the possibility of an electrified GT2 RS with a mild-hybrid setup. The combined power of the electric motor and a 3.8-liter twin-turbo six-cylinder is expected to exceed 700 hp. The torque figure is unknown, but rumor has it that a “significant increase” is planned over the 911 Turbo S’ 590 pound-feet (800 Newton-meters). There is talk of a weight distribution of 39:61 front/rear.

The crown jewel of the 992 family will reportedly be released in 2026.

An all-electric 911 won’t be available again this generation, as Porsche has said it won’t release an EV this decade. The goal is to continue selling 911s with combustion engines for as long as possible, even if that means switching to synthetic fuel to meet stricter regulations. Porsche has been producing virtually CO2-neutral eFuel at its plant in Chile since the end of 2022.

It is worth noting that the European Union has already agreed to exempt synthetic fuels from the 2035 ban on new cars that produce harmful emissions. It could mean that the days of the 911 with combustion engines are not numbered after all.

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