Electric car boat designed for a smooth ride. How much is it?

The Trident LS-1 is expected to reach speeds of up to 100 km per hour on land and travel directly onto water. The first models are expected to hit the market in December 2025.

Flying cars are no longer a thing of the future, nor is the need to choose between commuting by land or sea, at least for those who live near the water.

Poseidon AmphibWorks, a company based in San Diego and Miami, plans to revolutionize the car-boat hybrid by offering a reportedly tranquil experience whether you’re on a busy highway or a bustling bay . Because most existing amphibious vehicles move over water as bumpy as a jet ski, CEO and founder Steve Tice said he wanted to create a vehicle for the daily commute.

Since 2021, Tice and amphibious vehicle expert Andy Langesfeld have been working on the Trident LS-1. As a hydrofoil, the vehicle is equipped with blades or paddles that raise the hull of the boat for a smoother ride. Hydrofoils remove 60% of the drag overseas and make more stable turns because the hull is out of the water, Tice said.

The Trident LS-1 will be the world’s first electric hydrofoil designed to prevent seasickness caused by a ship’s erratic movements on the water, according to the company.

“People who couldn’t even sail in small boats will finally be able to sail without motion sickness, essentially flying over water,” Poseidon AmphibWorks founder Steve Tice recently told USA TODAY. “Because gravity is still pushing you through your butt, you still feel like you’re in an airplane. When you make a turn, you don’t feel strange, it feels natural.”

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Three-wheeled car boat can accommodate four people

The electric three-wheeled vehicle will reach speeds of up to 60 mph on land and travel directly onto the water past a launch pad, Tice said. For those who live near water, the Trident LS-1 will use multimodal transportation to get to the office or go fishing for the weekend.

The vehicle features three permanent seats, including a center driver’s seat and two rear seats, as well as an additional folding center seat, Tice said.

Drivers can park the more than two meters long vehicle in their garage, an important requirement for the engineering firm. The hybrid also eliminates the need for a tow vehicle, which runs the risk of falling into the water while releasing a boat, Tice said.

Tice said the company opted to run the vehicle on three wheels to avoid added weight while maintaining the stability of any four-wheeler. He added that the car boat will have all the necessary safety features such as airbags, an aluminum roll cage and multiple cameras.

‘Basically flying over water’

As a hydrofoil, the Trident LS-1 is a car boat that moves like an airplane. Although the vehicle is not designed for high surf, it ensures riders avoid all ripples from 1- to 2-foot waves.

“You’re basically flying over the water at about three feet,” Tice said.

When driving on land, Tice says, the hydrofoil’s vanes or blades retract into the vehicle so they can’t be damaged by objects in the road, such as rocks. When moving over water, users can control a large portion of the blades deployed depending on the depth of the water.

Tice said it is also a “highly maneuverable boat” that uses thrusters that turn on a dime, allowing the vehicle to stay above water in one spot for fishing or travel in any direction.

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Vehicle will sell in a range of $100,000 to $130,000

The Trident LS-1 is expected to be sold directly to consumers for $100,000, Tice said.

Poseidon AmphibWorks will partner with a number of dealers who will provide service and local support for approximately $30,000 additional.

With the correct boat registration and a driver’s license, anyone can take a ride on the car boat.

“You don’t need a special permit,” Tice said. ‘We will definitely train people. We don’t want them to crash this thing.

The company said the hybrid will appeal to a number of markets, including people who live on coasts, near waterways or on islands. He added that it will also appeal to RV owners who can eliminate the burden of towing two vehicles, as well as yacht owners who don’t want to send their homes to the coast to run errands. He also said it’s the perfect starter boat for electric car owners.

The company is exploring commercial taxi use, delivery services and military interests, Tice said.

Trident LS-1 joins the car boat competition

Autoboats are not something of the future and the Trident LS-1 is far from the first.

The Amphicar was built in Germany in the 1960s. The small but heavy amphibious vehicle that reached speeds of 11 km per hour on water and 120 km per hour on land.

In 1999, the first WaterCar vehicle was introduced and in 2007 it earned the Guinness World Record for being the fastest amphibious vehicle at a speed of 100 km per hour on water and 200 km per hour on land.

Other amphibious vehicles include the Amphi-Ranger, Gibbs High Speed ​​Amphibians, the Hobbycar and the Dutton.

Prototype will be completed later this year

The makers have not yet started construction and are currently finalizing the plan for the prototype, which is expected to be ready by the end of the year, Tice said.

“By December 2024, we will have a prototype in the water here in San Diego,” he said.

By then, the company plans to accept deposits for the vehicles, he said. Around December 2025, the company will sell to customers in California so that in the event of service they can be assisted at their San Diego location. He said non-California customers should also be able to pick up a Trident-LS1 in California at that time and hopes the company can ship to out-of-state customers by June 2025.

“It’s not a vehicle for everyone,” he said. “But if you’re within a distance of a body of water where you would like to recreate or wish you could, that’s where your first boat is.”

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