Biden has issued a regulation to expand the use of electric vehicles

The Biden administration today announced a new rule aimed at ensuring that electric or hybrid vehicles will make up a majority of new cars sold in the US by 2032. The regulations are expected to do more to reduce emissions than any previous measure, making it one of the most important climate regulations in the country’s history.

Under the new rule, automakers would have to meet strict average limits on the tailpipe emissions of their product lines: They could sell some electric cars and some gasoline cars, but if they don’t meet the standard they would face a hefty fine. The Environmental Protection Agency projected that the new measure would remove more than seven billion tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere over 30 years—more than all the greenhouse gases the U.S. produces in a year.

The rule is less forceful than some environmentalists would like, but it is still expected to accelerate a massive transformation of the industry. Last year, electric vehicles represented just 7.6 percent of U.S. auto sales, far from the target of the new regulations. Donald Trump, who has weaponized EVs in his bid for the White House, has vowed to roll back President Biden’s climate rules and recently accused him of destroying the country’s auto industry.

The rule is expected to be legally challenged by fossil fuel companies and Republican attorneys general, and the Supreme Court will decide its fate.

Just hours after a federal appeals court struck down a Texas law that gave state officials the authority to arrest and deport migrants who enter the state without authorization, a panel of federal judges today heard arguments on whether the law should be temporarily reinstated are entered.

Here’s the latest.

The judges, who did not immediately rule, appeared divided. One judge appeared to favor the Biden administration’s argument that it was the federal government’s power to enforce immigration policy; another seemed likely to prefer Texas. The back and forth has left both law enforcement and migrants confused about what to expect. Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers in other states hope to pass similar legislation.

The Democratic Party has assembled a new team of lawyers and communications staff aimed at countering third-party candidates they fear could spoil Biden in November. They have become particularly concerned about this threat in theaters of war.

The plan amounts to a kind of legal Whac-a-Mole, aimed at challenging candidates like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West, who recently stepped up efforts to qualify for state ballots.

There have already been more cases of measles recorded in the US this year than in all of 2023. The overall number of infections still appears relatively low, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was concerned enough about the increase to urge people, especially international travelers, to be vaccinated against the highly contagious virus.

Nearly all cases in the U.S. this year involve unvaccinated travelers. Here you can read what you should pay attention to.

David Benioff and DB Weiss, who adapted George RR Martin’s fantasy saga into the hit series ‘Game of Thrones’, are back this week with a new adaptation. Together with Alexander Woo, they translate Liu Cixin’s beloved science fiction trilogy for Netflix.

The show, which premieres tomorrow, begins in 1960s China, during the turmoil of the Cultural Revolution, and centers on a superior alien race that has built a rabid, cult-like following on Earth. What starts as a kind of detective mystery quickly escalates into an impending war between the worlds.

In a review, our critic wrote that the show is a daring feat of engineering. The characters hold it back a bit, but the visual grandeur, tension and wow moments leave you too staring to notice.

We all know what aging generally looks like, but less clear is what exactly happens in our bodies that causes physical decline. These internal mechanisms are often referred to as “the hallmarks of aging,” and a group of scientists are currently working to better understand them in the hopes of one day slowing or stopping the process.

My colleague Dana Smith discussed some of the key features of aging, how they can lead to disease, and how scientists are trying to change them.

Like young children, parrots can recognize colors, build a large vocabulary, and communicate their needs in impossibly high volumes. They are playful, intelligent and get bored easily. To keep them happy, parents and bird owners alike sometimes turn to fencing.

The parrots are better at mobile games for kids than you might expect, quickly tapping objects as they appear. A new study suggests that similar apps could be a great enrichment tool for them, but developers need to make sure the games are designed to be licked. Parrots tend to use their tongues to tap the screen.

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